1000274_10101790336884528_1328303440_nPrior to completing my M.S. in Health Communication from Boston University, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a B.S. in Health Care Administration. Through my studies, I have gained insight into the many aspects of the health care environment such as practice standards, quality management, process measurement, operations management, reimbursement systems, medical terminology, epidemiology, health care law, and marketing.

As a co-founder and blogger for HealthComU, I collaborate with other health communicators to discuss ideas with our peers, share the latest industry news, and learn from each others personal experiences in the field. We are dedicated to improving health outcomes and messaging through transparent conversation and driven by a shared goal of affecting real behavior change regarding health.

With a keen interest in health and wellness and a passion to help others live a healthy lifestyle by empowering them through health education, I have more than a year of experience as a health and wellness coach. As a health and wellness coach, I coached individuals towards a healthier lifestyle by empowering them through health education. I have experience in composing emails containing health information in conjunction with health observances for health topics such as heart health awareness, diabetes awareness, and stroke awareness.

As a clinic manager, I have more than a year of experience in managing the day-to-day operations and organization of a clinic. My experience includes the management of supply costs and levels to avoid waste and to ensure adequate supplies for daily clinic operations, managing bills and ensured timely payments, and setting up accounts with new vendors.

I have strong attention to detail and have the ability to effectively work on multiple projects at a time. I also have a strong willingness and desire to learn, no matter what role I am in.

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